Training Opportunities with Trinity

Trinity Nursing Services Ltd is committed to the training and development of its staff and adopts an on-going training concept. Staff training and development is an integral part of Clinical Governance and we monitor and facilitate our staff in practice.

It is a requirement for all Registered nurses to ensure that they are suitably up to date and ‘fit to practice’ in their field of clinical expertise. Fitness for practice and meeting requirements for Revalidation is primarily the responsibility of the individual practitioner and as an agency member you are responsible for updating your skills and knowledge.

The agency appoints a representative of management to meet with each individual member of staff annually for appraisal, to discuss their training and development requirements and to plan their future development needs. The nature of staff training is dependant upon their role in clinical practice.

Records are kept by the agency of all staff training.

Mandatory training requirements include:

  • Health & Safety
  • Basic Life Support
  • Moving, Handling & Lifting
  • Infection Control
  • Safe Handling & Administration of Medications
  • POVA
  • Child Protection
  • Fire Safety